Wedding Party

Get to know our wedding party!

Maid of Honor

Tara Santi

Tara is almost certainly my favorite sister. She is currently living in (and loving) life in Missoula, Montana. In her free time, Tara plays on a competitive ultimate team and is a stellar athlete. Tara has recently worked on an organic farm and been involved in creating and sustaining community gardens in Missoula! I appreciate Tara's quirky sense of humor and desire to do good in the world.


Lauren Brunsdale

I met Lauren B in 9th grade when I first took up pole vaulting. Lauren B was the first ever female pole vaulter at Lakewood High School, and I was the second! We became great friends over the next few years, particularly during long drives to Boulder for track practice. We both recently moved back to Colorado and I'm enjoying getting so spend so much more time with her. I'm grateful for Lauren B's sense of humor, extreme organization, and motivation!


Erin McAllister

I met Erin at a small church in LA in 2018 when we were both attending UCLA. We were two of only a handful of "young-ish" folks in the church. We established a weekly Sunday tradition of going for long walks around Westwood; sometimes to stores, and sometimes around the neighborhood. In 2022, Jason and I visited Erin's family in Santa Rosa and got to see where she grew up! I am happy to be part of Erin's life, and appreciate her love of crafts, D&D, and medium-long walks!


Corwin Meichtry

I met Corwin in the Lakewood High School library in 2009. All of the study tables were occupied by at least one person, and I was forced to ask a stranger (Corwin!) if I could sit with him. Corwin and I have gone on so many adventures together - around 12-14 14er ascents, a trip to Utah to collect shark teeth, and an all-out race on a bouncy castle obstacle course. I've loved being part of Corwin's life and am grateful to live so close to him (and his new fiancé Austin) now!

Best Man

Max Witynski

Max is a science journalist who lives in Chicago, IL! We first met in 2015, when we became roommates at a cooperative house at Cornell and instantly hit it off. Max grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and loves birding, science journalism, and talking about how much he loves his home state! I'm grateful for Max's genuine, easygoing personality and loyalty as a friend over the years.


Natsuko Suzuki

Natsuko is a graphic designer who lives in Madison, Wisconsin! I first met Natsuko in 2015 when we moved into a cooperative house together at Cornell. We spent multiple summers together in Ithaca, and got to share our mutual love of design, great food, and exploring the gorges of upstate New York together. Natsuko is an amazing listener, and a wonderful friend!


Justin Horst

Justin is a medical device designer who lives in Philadelphia, PA! We first met in 2014, when I decided to join the cross country ski club team at Cornell that Justin was a part of. Justin is incredibly creative, producing the most beautiful art pieces effortlessly. He is also an incredibly kind, humble, and supportive friend!


Francesca Ippoliti

Francesca is a post-doctoral chemist who lives in Madison, WI! Francesca and I met while touring chemistry grad schools in 2017. We both ended up choosing to go to UCLA, and even joined the same lab! Francesca helped me transition to my new life in LA and helped make my time there unforgettable. I'm grateful for Francesca's warm personality and constant support over our 5 years of grad school together!